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Hierarchical structured keyword collections

«Structure It!» is an easy app for processing hierarchical structured keyword collections. In contrast to conventional keyword collections the entries are not separated lined up, but due to the collections's structure embedded in a fixed context.

Systematic input

Using the app the hierarchical structure is generated without extra effort, because an entry is always the starting point for entering subordinated keywords, and then in turn these entries are the starting point for further subordinate lists.

Easy editing

Editing a collection is just as easy. Entries can be added, edited or deleted. Restructuring is done by changing the assignment of the relevant entry, which automatically takes its subordinate entries to the new context. The order of a list can be changed by changing the place of an item.

Schematic procedures

The procedure for adding and editing items is always performed according to the same schema: marking of the item, choosing of the procedure, performing of the procedure.

Marking and navigation

Items can be marked directly by

left-click / tap (and then)

ctrl + left-click / hold (Windows 10) resp.

right-click / swipe (Windows 8.1).

Lists will then open to the right or close to the left and it enables navigation through the collection.

Marking and procedures

The marks are part of an item. A frame stands for an item which is part of the chain leading to the right-most list. New subordinated entries can be added to the right-most framed item. An item marked with a yellow section can be edited or deleted.

Changing the context of an entry

To move an entry to another context it has to be marked first (marking for editing). Next is to choose the action, which is «change» and «assignment» and the marking will change to red. Next is in this case to mark a second item, which is the target. To complete the action next is to choose «edit».

Storing and availability of the collections

The structured keyword collections are saved in files. So they can be stored and used on other devices or in the cloud, too. Besides they can be saved as readable indented text.

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