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Learning collections

are proven learning aids. Increase your learning success by assembling your own collections. So you can determine and formulate resp. paste the entries yourself and get a first understanding.

Learn the entries

consisting of header and content by going through the collection one by one. To check your learning level you can choose to hide the content.

Learned items

can be tagged and optional you can filter them out. You can sort the list by alphabet, too.

Simple design

enables the app for a variety of usage purposes. And you can use the files on your PC, Tablet, or Phone.


  • Full functionality on PC, Tablet, and Phone.
  • Collections are stored in files.
  • Entries can be created, edited and deleted.
  • Lists can be filtered and sorted by alphabet.
  • Collections can be saved as readable text.

Create your first learning collection

  1. Use the File button and choose ┬źnew┬╗ in the submenu.
  2. Put in the header and confirm with the Confirm button.
  3. Put in the content and save the entry with the Save button.
  4. Choose the file location and confirm the dialogue.
  5. (As default the file name is built from the header and can be changed in the Desktop and Tablet dialogue.)
  6. Done, the first entry is stored in a new collection and also is displayed.

Add or edit an entry

  1. Use the Add or Edit button.
  2. Put in or edit the header and confirm with the Confirm button.
  3. Put in or edit the content and save the entry with the Save button.
  4. You can cancel by mouse click or touch beside the input box on PC or Tablet. On Phone you can use the Cancel button.

Delete an entry

  1. Use the Delete-Button.
  2. Confirm the message.

Display of an entry

  • One entry is always displayed.
  • You can change between entries by buttons for increasing resp. decreasing the list position.
  • You can choose an entry by means of a slider.
  • You can choose an entry by selection in the headers listing.

Display mode of the content

  • Hidden: The content is hidden.
  • Showing: The current content is displayed.
  • Always: The content is always displayed.

Display of the headers listing

  • Desktop: If the width of the app is fitting the listing is displayed.
  • Phone: You can reach or leave the listing by horizontal swipe.

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